Coaching Services

What Will You Gain?

Knowledge & Insights for moments of clarity with consistency. Self-awareness & personal consciousness, the most critical step in making smarter and more powerful life-changing decisions, resulting in infinite control over your mind, emotions, and behavior. Transparency about what is not working in your life and support in transforming them. Insight & focus on your most meaningful goals and aspirations for your life. Plans & tools to help you accomplish your goals and have a better quality of life. Energy & support to make the changes you desire

Coaching Goals & Outcomes

  • To guide you to get clear about who you are.

  • To assist you in figuring out what you want out of life.

  • To help you create a clear path on how you will get there.

  • Discover your passion, purpose, and goals

  • Raise your level of happiness and success

  • Create high-quality relationships

  • Increase your energy for everyday living

The Experience

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions are designed to go deeper to help you become mindful of your health and physical, mental, and emotional issues with the power of the conscious and subconscious mind.


Practical thinking, decision-making exercises will help you maintain harmony and understand your mind, body, and spirit to apply behavioral Intelligence skills to your life situations and achieve the goals you desire.


LightWorkers United will give you the time, space, and support to clarify your goals, assess why they're important to you, and build the self-awareness you need to make it a reality.

Mind Over Matter



4-60 min sessions

2 Biweekly 30min calls

Intake Review Session 30 mins

Unlimited Resources and Referral

Emotional Intelligence Package


13-60 min sessions

7 Biweekly 30min calls

Intake Review Session 30 mins

Unlimited Resources and Referral

The Awakening



22-60 min sessions

11 Biweekly 30min calls

Intake Review Session 30 mins

Unlimited Resources and Referral


  • Recognize what motivates AND or demotivates you

  • Acknowledge excuses and procrastination

  • Learn how failures can lead to success

  • Recognize the significant value in small differences that lead to Great results

  • Feel empowered and in charge of your accomplishment!


LigthWorkers United will work with you to break down your goals into your chosen time frame.


Decide on simple, believable actions to accomplish your goals, and acknowledge possible roadblocks and how to process them without feeling overwhelmed.


Tel: 760-671-1117

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